I had a photoshoot in a parking garage!?

7:13 PM. I’m standing in the kitchen dishing food onto my dinner plate when a thought, that had been in my head the past couple days, popped up again. Parking garage photoshoot. I had seen a friend do this a couple times and I wanted to try it out. I told my sister the idea and she was eager to get started. We obviously couldn’t do the shoot that night because the parking lots were closed, but the next day we got ready, charged up my camera and put on some outfits that would spice up the photos. I went all black with a ripped pair of black mom jeans, a black sweater and a black leather blazer. My mistake? Wearing white sneakers….. but we’ll come back to that. My sister wore a light wash pair of Zara jeans, a black sweatshirt with a white collared tee underneath, and her dual toned converse.

Once we were both ready, we packed the car with everything we needed and went searching for an empty car park. We found a small section at the mall car park that had no cars and started taking photos. Things were going great. I love using the flash, so we didn’t need to worry about lighting to much. I took a bunch of photos of my sister and they looked amazing. When it was my turn, things started to go wrong. We took a few photos when someone came and parked right where we were taking photos, meaning we had to find a new spot. The next mall however? 20 minutes away. But we were determined to get nice photos so we drove all the way there. We realised the mistake we’d made when we saw every inch of the parking lot filled with cars and realised that 5 o’clock maybe wasn’t the best time to come. There were no empty spots and our only choice was to drive back to the original mall and hope and pray the car had moved.

Thankfully, the car was no longer there and we had our spot back. We jumped straight back into taking photos when we ran into yet another issue. My white shoes were way over exposed and throwing the lighting off in all the photos. By this point I was extremely annoyed because everything kept going wrong and I just wanted to go home. I accepted that I had no good photos and would have to come back another day.

I made myself an ice coffee and sat outside thinking about the disaster the day had been. I then decided that I should at least look at the photos I took, there’s no harm in that and I might actually find some that I liked. And to my pleasant surprise, there were quite a few that were actually really nice. After editing these on Lightroom, I was blown away. The photos came out so well and I was suddenly excited to post them everywhere. This disaster of a day had taken a turn and ended up being a great lesson. Don’t give up, even when nothing goes your way, you got to keep going.

Below are the photos I am extremely proud of. Not to mention how in love I am with the outfit I am wearing!

All importantly, don’t forget to wear your masks. Covid-19 is still a huge issue and by not wearing a mask, you are a contributor to this. Stay Safe everyone. And thank you all for the support over the last couple months, I really appreciate it ❤

Until next time,

Candice xoxo

Published by candicelock

I am 21 years old and extremely passionate about fashion, photography and writing. I started my blog as a way to express everything I am passionate about <3

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